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Imagine Labs, LLC is a business advisory company formed for the purposes of providing Advisory Services to corporations, government agencies, and other organizations. We offer three types of advisory services, board services, and technical services. These three types are more narrowly focused around Technology Advisory, Internet Architecture, Telecommunications Architecture, Wireline and Wireless Consulting, Satellite Consulting, Defense Consulting, and Fiber Optic Architecture and Review. We are also open to any interesting National Security challenges and other advisory work that touches on these areas of interest and our expertise.

Since 2009, we also have been working on developing a Next Generation Internet Architecture that sits on the existing wireline fiber, copper and 4G/5G/6G wireless infrastructure using, as yet undeveloped, superset version of IPv4, and a revised version of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). The wireline reference architecture is called Imagine Network® and the wireless reference architecture is called Imagine Wireless™ interacting together. The goal is to develop a hybrid architecture that can coexist and also replace the existing older IPv4 in most countries gradually over time but provide better security, protection from and identification of bad nation state actors and actions, and provide Islands of Trust for critical infrastructure, finance, healthcare and other purposes. It is independent of IPv6 and could be used as dual stack with IPv6 and triple stack with IPv4 and IPv6. It expands the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to allow a host of new features that would leverage these new network architectures. We offer ISP consulting services on how to migrate to and support these architectures.

This work was inspired from the network architecture work I did when I owned, designed and developed a nationwide ISP (highly rated by Boardwatch Magazine) and later when I had built a large network lab from 2001-2009, where I worked out these concepts on racks and racks of used Cisco ISP core routers running BGP4 and with my Autonomous System AS7825. I was also inspired by my Grandfather and his work during the formative years of Bell Telephone Laboratories when it was based on West Street in New York City and it had a small research field office in Holmdel, NJ.

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